Use the Select Library and Tape Details page of the Create New Protection Group Wizard to specify the number of copies that you need and how many tapes you want to allocate for long-term protection. You also specify whether you want DPM to encrypt and compress the data, and whether you want to check the backup for data integrity.

This wizard page contains the elements described in the following table.


Name Description


Select the library that you want to use for your tape backups.

Drives allocated

Type or select the number of drives you want to allocate for the tape backups.

Copy library

Select the library you want to use for multiple backup copies.

Use Copy library only if you specified that you wanted multiple tape backup copies. If did not specify multiple copies, accept the default library (same as the primary Library).

Check backup for data integrity

Click this check box to check for data integrity between the backup copy versions.

Compress data

Click this option to enable data compression on tape.

Encrypt data

Click this option to encrypt the data before it is written to tape.

Do not compress or encrypt data

Click this option if you do not want DPM to perform data compression or encryption.

After specifying the library and tape details for the protection group, click Next.

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