This alert is generated in Data Protection Manager (DPM) when the DPM protection agent that is installed on the specified computer is not compatible with the version of DPM that is installed on the DPM server.

On a protected computer, the DPM protection agent records changes to protected data and during synchronizations transfers these changes from the protected computer to the DPM server. If the protection agent is incompatible with the current version of DPM, all protection and recovery activities for the protected computer will fail until a compatible version of the protection agent is installed.


  • A more recent version of DPM was installed on the DPM server, but the DPM protection agent on the protected computer was not updated.


The error conditions and recommended actions associated with each “Agent incompatible” alert are provided in the alert details.

Follow the recommended action in the alert to retry the job.

On the DPM server that is protecting the protected computer, update the DPM protection agent that is installed on the protected computer.

Resolved when: The protection agent is upgraded or uninstalled.

For an overview of how data protection works in DPM, in the DPM 2007 Planning Guide, see Introducing Data Protection Manager (

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