After you create a protection group, you might want to protect a data source on a protected volume that you did not select for protection when you created the group.

The following are guidelines for adding members to a protection group:

To add protection group members

  1. In DPM Administrator Console, click Protection on the navigation bar.

  2. In the display pane, select the protection group to which you want to add members.

  3. In the Actions pane, click Modify protection group.

  4. In the Modify Protection Group Wizard, follow the instructions to add data sources to the protection group.

To add protection group members using DPM Management Shell

  • Use the following syntax to add a member to a protection group:

    Add-ChildDatasource -ProtectionGroup <ProtectionGroup> -ChildDatasource <ProtectableObject[]> [-PassThru]

    For more information, type "Get-Help Add-ChildDatasource -detailed" in DPM Management Shell.

    For technical information, type "Get-Help Add-ChildDatasource-full" in DPM Management Shell.

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