This alert is generated when the backup to a tape job is completed but the catalog was not built correctly. Although no data is lost, you must rebuild the catalog to access the data of the backup job.


Possible causes for the alert include the following:

  • The DPM database grew to the maximum size, and there was no more space on the disk.

  • Network issues occurred during the build of the catalog, after the backup completed successfully.

  • The DPM database cannot be accessed.

  • The DPM service is down.

  • A user cancels the backup job after the backup is done but just before cataloging occurs.


The error conditions and recommended actions associated with each “Library catalog build failed” alert are provided in the alert details.

  • Rerun the library catalog build.

Resolved when: The library catalog build succeeds.

For information about how to manage tape libraries in DPM and how to rerun a library catalog build, in the DPM 2007 Operations Guide, see Managing Tape Libraries (

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