The Tape Management Report provides details for managing tape rotation. The report lists all libraries that are below the free tape threshold. The data is collected per library and aggregated for all libraries.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you are reviewing the data in the Tape Management Report, you might have the following questions about how to use the data or interpret the report.

A tape that has been decommissioned still appears in the Tape Management Report—how can I update the report?

Update the DPM library information by following these steps:

  1. Properly remove the tape from the drive by following the recommended procedures of the tape library vendor.

  2. Power down and then restart the tape library.

  3. In DPM Administrator Console, on the Libraries tab in the Management task area, click Inventory library.

  4. In the Inventory dialog box, select Detailed inventory, and then click Start.

What happens when the data on a tape expires?

When the data on a tape expires, return the tape to the tape library for reuse. Expired tapes that have not been returned to the tape library will be marked as "overdue" in the Tape Management Report.

What is a free tape threshold?

The free tape threshold is the number of tapes in a specified library that are available for use by DPM. If the number of libraries below the free tape threshold is equal to the free tape threshold value on the Tape Management Report, you must add tape to the library and mark it as free or future backup jobs will fail.

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