Use the Select Data Protection Method page of the Create New Protection Group Wizard to select how you want to protect your data. You can select short-term protection using either disk or tape, and you can select long-term protection using only tape.

This page contains the elements described in the following table.


Name Description

Protection group name

Accept the default name, or type a new name for the protection group.

I want short-term protection using:

Select this check box for short-term protection, and then select the media you want to use from the drop-down list.

If you do not have a tape library attached to the DPM server, only Disk is available for short-term protection.

I want long-term protection using tape

Select this check box for long-term protection.

If you are using tape for both short-term and long-term protection, DPM creates copies of the latest short-term tape full backup to generate your long-term tape backup. Therefore, we recommend that you schedule your short-term protection full backup to run a day prior to your long-term protection. This enables your long-term tape backup to leverage the short-term tape backup that DPM created the day before. If you schedule the long-term tape backup to run prior to the short-term tape backup, the long-term backup will not leverage the latest short-term full backup.

After selecting a name and a protection method for the protection group, click Next.

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