Use the Choose Restart Method page to select the method you want to use to restart the servers after the protection agent is installed.

The server must be restarted before you can start protecting data. This restart is necessary because the DPM protection agent installs a volume filter driver, and the protection agent will not be active until the server is restarted.

This page contains the elements described in the following table.


Name Description

Yes. Restart the selected computers after installing the protection agents.

Click this option to have DPM restart the selected computers after the protection agents are installed.

You do not need to restart the computer if you are installing protection agents on a DPM server or on computers running the Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system.
You must manually restart servers that are members of a cluster. DPM does not restart servers that are in a cluster.

No. I will restart the selected computers later.

Click this option if you want to restart the selected computers at a later time.

In a production environment, you would generally select this option to avoid restarting the servers during the business day.

After selecting the option you want for restarting the unprotected computers, click Next.

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