You might decide that you no longer need to protect a specific protection group in Data Protection Manager (DPM). When you stop protection of a protection group, DPM automatically deletes the group.

To stop protecting a protection group

  1. In DPM Administrator Console, on the navigation bar click, Protection.

  2. In the display pane, select the protection group to stop protecting.

  3. In the Actions pane, click Stop protection of group. The Stop Protection dialog box appears.

  4. Choose whether to retain or delete protected data.

    Click Retain protected data to retain the replica on disk with associated recovery points and tapes for the retention range.

    Click Delete protected data to delete the replica on disk and expire the data on tapes.

    When you select Delete protected data, tapes become free for use by other protection groups.
  5. Clear the Delete replica on disk check box if you do not want to delete the replica.

  6. Clear the Expire all the datasets in the tapes check box to mark the tapes as free when they are online.

  7. Click Stop Protection.

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