When you select disk-based protection, you must allocate space on the storage pool for the replicas and recovery points for each data source that you want DPM to protect. You must also allocate space on protected client computers for the change journal. DPM recommends and allocates disk space for your protection group based on the size of the data to be protected. You can modify the disk space in the storage pool; however, there are guidelines you must follow to increase the allocated disk space. For more guidelines about allocating disk space, in the DPM Planning Guide, see Planning Protection Groups.

To allocate space for the protection group

  1. On the Allocate Storage page, specify the size of data to be protected on the computer. We recommend that you co-locate multiple data sources to one DPM replica volume.

    We recommend that you co-locate your data if you have a large number of client computers. You will not be able to protect 1000 or more client computers with one DPM server without co-locating your data. We recommend that you do not co-locate if you have less than ten client computers in a protection group.
  2. Select the Automatically grow the volumes check box to automatically grow volumes when more disk space is required for protecting data on the client computers. Click Next to continue.