DPM generates a protection plan using your recovery goals. You define your recovery goals by selecting a retention range for your data, specifying how frequently you want the data synchronized, and scheduling the creation of your selected recovery points. A recovery point is a snapshot or point-in-time copy of the data sources that are protected by your DPM server.Retention range is the duration of time for which the data should be available for recovery. DPM retains recovery points for the duration specified in the retention range. Any day that the replica is not consistent does not count toward the retention range. When DPM protection is stopped temporarily because the replica is inconsistent, DPM does not delete expired recovery points until protection resumes.

To specify protection goals

  • On the Specify Goals page, specify your protection goals such as retention range and synchronization frequency. Select the Alerting option to receive alerts when the recovery points fails for the selected number of days, and then click Next.