There are several ways in which you can install protection agents. DPM provides a Windows Installer (.msi) file located in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\Agents folder of your DPM server that you can use to install a protection agent. You can deploy the .Windows Installer file using Group Policy or for scalability, we recommend that you install the protection agents independently using Microsoft Systems Configuration Manager (SCCM). You can also use the Protection Agent Installation Wizard to install protection agents that reside outside a firewall. If you need to install protection agents on servers that reside behind a firewall, see Installing Agents on Computers behind a Firewall.

If you are installing a protection agent and encounter network-related or permissions-related issues because of domain policies, we recommend that you install the protection agent manually. For information about manually installing a protection agent, see Installing Protection Agents Manually.

For information about installing a protection agent by using a server image on the computer without specifying the DPM server, see Installing Protection Agents Using a Server Image.

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