After you select the members of a DPM protection group and the methods to use for data protection, you define the recovery goals for the file data and application data in that protection group.

The recovery goals are defined by the configuration of retention range, synchronization frequency, and recovery point schedule. DPM provides default settings for the recovery goals; however, you can modify each or all of the settings.

At least one synchronization must be scheduled to occur between scheduled recovery points. For example, you specify a synchronization frequency of every 45 minutes. You cannot then configure recovery points to be created at 1:00 P.M. and 1:30 P.M. because there is no intervening synchronization between the recovery points.

When a SQL server is configured to use the Simple Recovery Model or is the primary server in a log shipping pair, the recovery points for any protected databases on that server are created according to the schedule for express full backups.

The following topics in this section provide detailed information to help you plan your recovery goals:

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