DPM Administrator Console contains five task areas: Monitoring, Protection, Recovery, Reporting, and Management. The Actions pane provides access to functionality associated with the current task and, in some cases, the item selected in the display pane.

The following table provides details about the actions you can perform in each task area.

Task Area Actions


Use the Monitoring task area to monitor the status of data protection, data recovery, and other DPM operations. The Monitoring task area contains the following tabs:

  • Alerts—Displays errors, warnings, and informational messages. You can group alerts by protection group, computer, or severity, and you can choose to display active alerts exclusively or to display both active alerts and a history of inactive alerts. You can also subscribe to notifications to receive alerts via e-mail.

  • Jobs—Displays the status of jobs and their associated tasks. You can group jobs by protection group, computer, status, or type, and you can filter jobs by time period. You can choose whether to include regularly scheduled synchronization operations in the list of jobs.


Use the Protection task area to do the following:

  • Create, rename, and manage members of protection groups.

  • Manage protection schedules, disk allocations, and other options.

  • Run manual synchronization and consistency check jobs.

  • Manage recovery points.

  • Review and respond to results of Auto Discovery.


Use the Recovery task area to find and recover data from recovery points. The Recovery task area contains the following tabs:

  • Browse—Enables you to browse for available recovery points by protected computer.

  • Search—Enables you to search for available recovery points based on data type, location, origin, and recovery point date.


Use the Reporting task area to do the following:

  • Generate and view reports on DPM operations.

  • Schedule automatic report generation.

  • Manage Reporting Services settings.


Use the Management task area to manage protection agents, storage pool disks, and tape libraries. The Management task area contains the following tabs:

  • Agents—Displays a list of protection agents deployed on computers and enables you to install, uninstall, and update the agents and agent licenses.

  • Disks—Displays a list of disks included in the storage pool and enables you to add and remove disks from the pool.

  • Libraries—Displays the tape libraries installed on the DPM server and enables you to manage the tapes in the library.

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