You use the Select Group Members page to select the data sources you want to protect.

To select the data to protect

  1. On the Select Group Members page, select the computers you want to protect from the list box. Click Add to move the computers to the Selected computers list box, and then click Next. When selecting the computers you want to protect, note the following:

    • If you want to add multiple computers, you can create a .txt file containing the computers you want to add. To add the computers, click Add Multiple Computers. You must enter each computer in the file on a new line. We recommend that you provide the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the target computers. For example, enter multiple computers in a .txt file as follows:

    • If DPM cannot find any of the computers that you specified in the .txt file or that you entered in the Text file location box, the failed set of computers is placed in a log file. Click the Failed to add machines link at the bottom of the page to open the log file.

  2. On the Specify Inclusions and Exclusions page, specify the folders to include or exclude for protection on the selected computers. To select from a list of well-known folders, such as Documents, click the drop-down list.

    When specifying inclusions and exclusions, note the following:

    • When you exclude a folder, and then specify a separate inclusion rule for a subfolder, DPM does not backup the subfolder. The exclusion rule overrides the inclusion rule.

    • When you include a folder, and then specify a separate exclude rule for a subfolder, DPM backs up the entire folder, except for the excluded subfolder.

    • When you include a well-known folder such as Documents, DPM locates the Documents folder for all users on the computer, and then applies the rule. For example, if the user profile for computer Comp1 contains the Documents folder for both User1 and User2, DPM will back up both folders.

    1. Type the folder names in the Folder column using variables such as programfiles, or you can use the exact folder name. Select Include or Exclude for each entry in the Rule column.

    2. Select Allow users to specify protection members to give your end users the choice to add more folders on the computer that they want to back up. However, the files and folders you have explicitly excluded as an administrator cannot be selected by the end user.

    3. Under File type exclusions specify the file types to exclude using their file extensions, and then click Next to continue.