DPM 2007 provides several methods you can use to modify protection workloads and optimize performance. To optimize the performance of the protection group, on the Summary page, click the optimize performance link to launch the Optimize Performance dialog box.

To optimize performance

  1. On the Summary page, click optimize performance.

  2. In the Optimize Performance dialog box, on the Network tab, select Enable on-the-wire compression to reduce the size of the data transfer and increase CPU utilization on the DPM server and the protected servers.

  3. In the Start protection jobs box, select the time of hour you want the protection job to start to balance the loads of synchronization jobs across protection groups, thus avoiding possible performance degradation.

  4. On the Consistency Check tab, select Schedule daily consistency check, and then select the start time and maximum duration of the consistency check to prevent DPM from interfering with regular business use of your protected servers.

  5. Click OK.