The following table provides troubleshooting guidance that supplements the specific error messages that you may encounter during protection agent installation.

Before beginning the troubleshooting process, we recommend that you first try to manually install the protection agents. For detailed instructions for installing the protection agents manually, see Installing Protection Agents Manually (

Agent Installation Issues

Issue Possible Cause Resolution

The agent operation failed.

The protection agent must be reinstalled.

Uninstall the protection agent if it already exists. To reinstall the protection agent, from the command prompt, type DPMAgentInstaller <dpmservername>.

The protection agent installation fails. The MSDPMAgentInstall.log has the following entry: AddScheduledTaskForClient method return code=0x8007007a

This issue occurs because the Windows Task Scheduler buffer that stores the account information for all scheduled tasks is limited; the buffer puts a limit on the number of jobs that you can schedule with user credentials.

To resolve this issue, stop and then restart the task scheduler service. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes, and then run the DPMAgentInstaller again.