DPM requires a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Domain Services directory services structure to support its protection and recovery operations.

DPM can protect servers and workstations across domains within a forest that has a two-way trust relationship with the domain that the DPM server is located in. If there is not a two-way trust across domains, you must have a separate DPM server for each domain. DPM 2007 does not support protection across forests.

When deciding where to locate your DPM server, consider the network bandwidth between the DPM server and the protected computers.

DPM supports teamed network interface cards (NICs). Teamed NICs are multiple physical NICs that are configured to be treated as a single NIC by the operating system. Teamed NICs provide increased bandwidth by combining the bandwidth available using each NIC and failover to the remaining NIC or NICs when a NIC fails. DPM can use the increased bandwidth achieved by using teamed NICs on the DPM server.

Another consideration for the location of your DPM servers is the need to manage tapes and tape libraries manually, such as adding new tapes to the library or removing tapes for offsite archive.

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