The following table lists the recovery goal options for each DPM protection method.

Recovery Goal Options for Protection Methods

Protection method Retention range Synchronization frequency or backup schedule Recovery points

Short-term on disk

1–448 days

For file members in a protection group, DPM can store a maximum of 64 recovery points (this is a VSS limit for client accessible shadow copies). If you schedule one recovery point per day (7 per week), you can retain 64 recovery points for a maximum of 448 days (7 * 64 = 448 days).

For applications, there is a maximum of 512 available recovery points. However, DPM reserves 64 recovery points, so you can only select up to 448 recovery points for applications. This is because DPM assumes that file protection could use the same volume as the applications you are protection, so the VSS shadow copies apply to the same volume. Therefore, 448 + 64 = 512 (which is the VSS shadow copy maximum per volume).

Select a frequency between 15 minutes and 24 hours, or select Just before a recovery point.

When a specific synchronization frequency is selected:

  • Recovery points for files are created according to the schedule you configure.

  • Recovery points for application data are created after each synchronization.

When Just before a recovery point is selected, recovery points for all protection group members are created according to the schedule you configure.

Short-term on tape

1–12 weeks

Select to back up:

  • Every day

  • Every week

  • Every two weeks

Instead of recovery points, you configure one of the following backup types:

  • Full and incremental backups

  • Only full backup

When you select weekly or every two weeks, only full backup is available. You specify the day and time.

When you select daily full backups, you specify the time.

When you select daily full and incremental, you specify the day and time for the full backup and for the incremental backup.

Long-term on tape

Minimum: 1 week

Maximum: 99 years

Select to back up:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Biweekly

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Half-yearly

  • Yearly

See Recovery Point Schedules for Long-Term Protection and Customizing Recovery Goals for Long-Term Protection.

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