If you select protection using tape, you must specify the number of copies of each tape that DPM should create and the configuration options for the backup tapes. You also specify whether you want DPM to encrypt and compress the data, and if you want DPM to check the backup for data integrity.

If you are not using long-term protection, skip to Choosing a Replica Creation Method [pg].

To select tape and library details

  1. On the Select Library and Tape Details page, in the Primary library section, do the following:

    • In the Library box, select the library that you want to use for your tape backups.

    • In the Drives allocated box, select the number of drives you want to allocate for the tape backups.

  2. In the Copy library section, select the library you want to use for multiple backup copies.

    Use Copy library only if you specified that you wanted multiple tape backup copies. If you did not specify multiple copies, accept the default library (same as the primary Library).
  3. In the Tape options for long-term protection section, do the following:

    • Select Check backup for data integrity to check for data integrity between the backup copy versions.

    • Select the Compress data option to enable data compression on tape, which reduces the space needed on the tape and increases the number of backup jobs that can be stored on the same tape.

    • Select the Encrypt data option to encrypt the data before it is written to tape, which increases the security for archived data.

    • Select the Do not compress or encrypt data option if you do not want DPM to perform data compression or encryption.

  4. Click Next.