You can configure data protection to exclude specified folders and also file types by file name extension.

When you select a volume or share for protection, you automatically select all protectable child items in that volume or share, as shown in the following illustration.

All Child Items Automatically Selected

Parent folder and child folders selected

To exclude a folder from protection, you ensure that the parent of the folder that you do not want protected is selected, and then you clear the check box of the folder that you do not want protected, as shown in the following illustration.

Folder Excluded from Protection

Folder excluded from protection

When you finish selecting the members for your protection group, you can view the excluded folders, as shown in the following illustration.

View Excluded Folders

View of folders excluded from protection

You can also specify file name extensions to exclude from protection at the protection group level. For example, a file server might contain music files or personal files that the business does not want to use disk space or network bandwidth protecting. Exclusion by file name extension applies to all members of the protection group.

The following illustration shows how to exclude files from protection by file name extension.

Exclusion by File Name Extension

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