The Specify Temporary Server page of the Recovery Wizard enables you to specify server parameters that will be used to host the temporary copy of the SharePoint content database.

This page contains the elements described in the following table.


Name Description

Front-end Web Server:

Select this option to specify the SharePoint Front-end Web Server of the recovery farm to temporarily stage data prior to recovery.

SQL instance:

Select this option to specify the instance of SQL Server to stage the temporary copy of the SharePoint content database that contains the requested SharePoint item before recovery. If you are using the recovery farm, then the instance of SQL Server should be on the same machine that was selected as the Front-end Web Server. If you are not using the recovery farm then you can select one of the following

  • Same instance of SQL Server where the database was backed up from (Production SQL Server): In this case only a temporary copy of the database will be copied and removed after the recovery is completed. This temporary copy will not over-write any of the SharePoint farm’s content.

  • DPM’s instance of SQL Server.

  • Any other instances of SQL Server.

If you are using DPM’s instance of SQL Server or any other instances of SQL Server then make sure that its version is equal to or a has a later version than the version of the production SQL Server.

Database file location:

To copy the database files, specify a file location on the SQL Server.

Target site URL:

Select this option to specify a URL within the same SharePoint farm under which you would want to recover the selected SharePoint item. This option is enabled only if you are performing a recovery to an alternate location within the same SharePoint farm.

After specifying the server parameters, click Next.

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