In the Monitoring task area on the Alerts tab, alerts can be grouped by Protection Group, Computer, Status, or Severity. The Quick Search functionality in DPM helps you to quickly find information about single or multiple alerts. To find more information about a particular alert, you can use the Details pane. The details for each alert vary, depending on the specific conditions that generated the alert and the type of alert selected.

For example, the details for an active “Free tape threshold reached” alert include information such as Affected area, Occurred since, Recommended action, and Description. By contrast, the details for a "Recovery success" information alert also include Resolution, which provides a link to manually resolve the alert if needed.

In the Event log, a separate node called DPM Alerts is created. This contains some text in encrypted form and is not for the administrator's use. Instead, the DPM Management Pack uses this to show DPM Alerts in its user interface.

To display alert details

  1. In DPM Administrator Console, click Monitoring on the navigation bar, and then click the Alerts tab.

  2. Select the alert for which you want more details. The alert information is displayed in the Details pane.

To display alert details using Quick Search

  1. In the Quick Search box that is located below the navigation bar and above the Display pane, type your search text.

    Alerts that contain the text that you typed are displayed in the Display pane with the search text highlighted.

    To narrow your search, type more characters or additional words.

  2. To widen your search to include alert information displayed in the Details pane, at the end of the search results, select the Search details also check box that is located next to the Quick Search box. This is a detailed search and will take more time.

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