Use the Select computers page of the Protection Agent Installation Wizard to add a protected computer that is in a workgroup or in an untrusted domain to the DPM server.

This page contains the elements described in the following table.


Name Description

Computer name

Type the name of the protected computer in the Computer name box.

To add a computer not joined to any domain or in an untrusted domain, type one of the following:
  • Fully qualified domain name of the protected computer (for example,, where computer1 is the name of the target computer that you want to protect, and is the domain to which the target computer belongs) if DPM server and the protected computer can access each other using FQDNs.

  • The NETBIOS of the protected computer if DPM server and the protected computer can access each other using NETBIOS names.


After you install the DPM protection agent on the computer, you need to run SetDpmServer.exe and then specify the username which would be used for authentication.


Type the password for the username.


Click Add to move the computer to the Selected computers box. As you add the computer, your selections appear in the Selected computers box.


Click Remove to remove the computers from the Selected computers box.

After adding the protected computers that you want to add to the DPM server, click Next.