After they are started, runbooks run on a runbook server. You can deploy a runbook server to any computer that can communicate with the data store. You can deploy a runbook server automatically from a management server that is using the same data store, or you can deploy it manually by using the installer file and then configuring the database settings.

Management servers and runbook servers installed on the same computer must be configured to use the same data store.

For additional help, please refer to the on-line documentation Deploying System Center 2012 - Orchestrator.

Before you begin

  • Enable the SQL client protocols TCP and Named Pipes before you perform either of the following procedures.

To deploy a Runbook server

  1. Open the Deployment Manager.

  2. In the Management server pane, expand the Management server item until the Runbook Servers item is visible.

  3. Right-click Runbook Servers, and then click Deploy New Runbook Server. The Runbook Server Selection dialog box appears.

  4. In the Computer box, type the name of the computer where the new runbook server will be deployed.

  5. In the Description box, type a brief description of the runbook server.

  6. In the User name and Password boxes, type the user name and password of the account that will be used for the Runbook service account. Click Next.

  7. The Integration Pack or Hotfix Deployment page appears. If you have previously registered integration packs or hotfixes and you want to deploy them to the new runbook server, select each item that you want to deploy.

  8. Click Next. The Completing Runbook Server Deployment page appears. Click Finish. The wizard deploys the new runbook server and any integration packs or hotfixes that you have selected.

To view the log files that were created by the deployment operation, right-click the new runbook server, and then click View Deployment Logs.