Use the Service Generator

The WES Generator makes use of a utility called the Service Generator (ServiceGenerator.exe). The default location of this tool is \Program Files\Microsoft Hosting\Development\References\CSF.

You can use the Service Generator from a command prompt. This topic describes the syntax and arguments for using this tool.

ServiceGenerator.exe /t:<wes|aspnet> /s:<MPFNamespaceFile> /n:<codeNamespace> /c:<className> /i:<imports>[,imports,...] [/o:<targetDir>] [/v:<off|error|info|verbose]					 [/p:<Csharp|VisualBasic]
Argument Use Description
/t Required
  • Type - Select type of Web Service generation. Connected Services Framework (CSF) Well-Enabled Service and ASP.NET 2.0 Web Service are supported.
  • Enum
    • Wes - Generate CSF 3.0 compliant service
    • AspNet - Generate ASP.NET 2.0 Web Service
/s Required Source - The path of the MPS Namespace file that contains the provisioning API and XML Schema Definitions that will provide the basis for the generated service.
/n Required Namespace - The .NET namespace for the generated service.
/c Required Class - The class name for the generated service.
/i Required Imports - One or more namespaces that will be declared as import or using statements depending on the output language. Supplied as a comma-delimited list.
/o Optional Output Directory - Output directory for generated files. If not supplied the current directory of execution is used.
/v Optional
  • Verbosity - Set the verbosity level of the console output. "Info" is the default verbosity mode.
  • Enum
    • off
    • error
    • info
    • verbose
/p Optional
  • Provider (CodeDom) - The CodeDomProvider type for generating source code.
  • Enum
    • Csharp
    • VisualBasic