Public Properties

  Name Description
ApplicableConfigurationPasses Lists all configuration passes to which this setting can be applied.
CanBeNull Indicates whether the value of this setting can be null. If the setting is not a scalar type, the value is false.
ChildSettingDefinitions Retrieves a read-only collection of all immediate child setting definitions.
Component Retrieves a ComponentSetting instance that defines the setting.
ComponentId Retrieves the identity of the component that defines this setting.
DataType Retrieves the .NET type of SettingDefinition.
DefaultValue Retrieves the default value for this Setting or null if no default value is defined.
Description Retrieves the description of the setting.
DisplayName Retrieves the display name of the setting.
EnumerationValue Retrieves the collection of the allowed values of the enumeration if the setting has an enumerated list of allowable values.
InvalidSettingDefinition Retrieves the dummy definition instance.
IsArrayType Indicates whether the current setting is an array of scalar type.
IsDefaultValueDefined Indicates whether or not the default value of the current setting is defined.
IsKeyDefined Indicates whether or not a key is defined for a list.
IsKeyOfParent Indicates whether this setting is the list key of a parent list setting.
IsListType Indicates whether or not the current setting is a list type.
IsScalarType Indicates whether or not the current setting is a scalar type.
KeyName Retrieves the name of the child setting that is defined as the list item key if this setting is a list item.
KeyType Retrieves the data type of the key for a list.
MaxLength Retrieves the maximum length of the setting's value.
MaxOccurrences Retrieves the maximum occurrences allowed for the setting.
MinOccurrences Retrieves the minimum occurrences allowed for the setting.
Name Retrieves the name of the setting.
Parent Retrieves the parent setting of the setting.
ParentDefinitionContainer Retrieves the setting definition container that contains the setting. If the setting definition represents a top-level setting, this will return the ComponentSetting containing the setting.
Path Retrieves the logic path of the setting, in the format of "layer1/layer2/.../layerN."
RangeMaxValue Retrieves the maximum value of the setting.
RangeMinValue Retrieves the minimum value of the setting.
RegularExpression Retrieves the regular expression used to validate the string value.
SettingDefinitions Retrieves a read-only collection of all child setting definitions, including all descendents.
TypeName Retrieves the type name of the setting.

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