Public Properties

  Name Description
CompanyName Retrieves the name of the company that created the package.
Copyright Retrieves the copyright disclaimer of the package.
Description Retrieves the description of the package.
DisplayName Retrieves the display name of the package.
Id Retrieves the identity of the package.
IsMissing Checks whether the package file is missing.
IsRemovable Checks whether the package is removable from the offline Windows image.
Keyword Retrieves the keyword of the package.
Parent Retrieves the offline image containing the package.
Path Retrieves the path of the package file.
ProductName Retrieves the product name.
ProductVersion Retrieves the product version.
ReleaseType Retrieves the release type of the package.
SupportInformation Retrieves the support information for the package.
WindowsFeatureSelections Retrieves the top-level Windows feature selections of the package.

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