Contains the validation error codes for the Cpi class.

The following tables list the members exposed by the CpiResultCode type.

Public Fields

  Name Description
CannotDetermineOfflineImageInAnswerFile Indicates that OfflineImage could not be associated with the answer file.
CannotOpenCatalog Indicates that the catalog (.clg) file could not be opened.
CannotOpenOfflineImage Indicates that OfflineImage could not be opened.
CatalogNotExist Indicates that the catalog (.clg) file does not exist.
CatalogNotMatchImage Indicates that the catalog (.clg) file does not match the Windows image.
ComponentNotInOfflineImage Indicates that a component was found in the answer file that could not be found in the Windows image.
DuplicatePackageAction Indicates that the same package action was found more than once in the answer file.
DuplicateSettingOverride Indicates that an override was found more than once in the answer file.
InvalidCatalog Indicates that the catalog (.clg) file is invalid.
InvalidCatalogRevision Indicates that the catalog was created by a previous version of CPI and is invalid.
InvalidConfigurationPass Indicates that the configuration pass does not apply to the specified setting.
InvalidImageInWim Indicates that an invalid image was found on the Windows image (.wim) file.
InvalidOfflineImage Indicates that OfflineImage is not a valid Windows image.
InvalidPackageAction Indicates that PackageAction in the answer file is invalid.
InvalidSettingDefinition Indicates that the setting is not valid for the component.
InvalidSettingOverride Indicates that the setting is valid for the component but the override is not.
InvalidWim Indicates that the Windows image (.wim) file is invalid.
NoOfflineImageInAnswerFile Indicates that the answer file is not associated with a Windows image.
NoSettingOverrideInComponent Indicates that there are no setting overrides in a component.
OfflineImageNotExist Indicates that OfflineImage does not exist.
Ok Indicates that the operation completed successfully.
PublishIOError Indicates that CPI cannot publish the answer file to a configuration set.
SettingDeprecated The setting is deprecated. This setting still exists but may be deleted in a future release.

Public Methods (see also Protected Methods )

  Name Description
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ToString Overridden. Converts the validation code to a string.

Protected Methods

  Name Description
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