Public Properties

  Name Description
ApplicableConfigurationPasses  Retrieves all possible configuration passes for the component on which an override can be created. (inherited from ComponentSetting )
AppliedConfigurationPass Retrieves the configuration pass that all descendent setting overrides are applied to.
ChildSettingDefinitions  Retrieves all top-level setting definitions for this component. (inherited from ComponentSetting )
ChildSettingOverrides Retrieves all the top-level setting overrides of the component in the applied configuration pass.
Enabled Overridden. Indicates whether the component has been installed
HasOverrideBelow  Checks whether this container has any setting overrides below it. (inherited from ComponentSetting )
Id  Represents the identity of the component. (inherited from ComponentSetting )
ParentAnswerFile Retrieves the answer file object to which the current component setting belongs.
ParentDefinitionContainer  Returns the ISettingDefinitionContainer interface for the parent container of this instance. Always returns null for component settings. (inherited from ComponentSetting )
ParentOverrideContainer  Retrieves the instance of ISettingOverrideContainer that contains the ComponentSetting instance. Because ComponentSetting is the root container that contains all setting definitions and setting overrides, this always returns null. (inherited from ComponentSetting )
SettingDefinitions  Retrieves all setting definitions for this component. (inherited from ComponentSetting )
SettingOverrides Retrieves all descendent setting overrides.
SettingOverrideSyncRoot Returns an object that can be used to synchronize access to setting overrides in a multi-threading context.

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