Public Properties

  Name Description
ApplicationTitle Retrieves the name of the answer file.
ComponentSettings Get the collection of all components with settings that can be overridden in the answer file.
DefaultPublishFileName Retrieves the answer file name in a configuration set.
DefaultPublishFolderName Retrieves the default folder name that will be used to store the configuration set.
Dirty Retrieves or sets the state of the answer file.
DocumentState Retrieves the document state of the answer file and checks whether the file is loaded.
LoadResult Retrieves the validation result for the recently opened answer file.
OfflineImage Retrieves or sets the offline image this answer file is created against.
PackageActions Retrieves the collection of all package actions in the answer file. The collection can be searched using the package identity.
Path Retrieves the path from which the answer file is loaded.
SettingOverrides Retrieves the setting overrides collection of the answer file.
SourceIsReadOnly Checks if the answer file is read-only.

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