Using Courier Sender to Distribute Software to Clients

Courier Sender helps you transmit information from one Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 site to another SMS site at a different location.

Courier Sender does this by storing selected data on tape or disc. The tape or disc is mailed or sent by courier service to a remote location. The receiving site then uses Courier Sender to transfer the data from the medium to the SMS site.

To use Courier Sender to distribute software to clients

  1. Set up the package source directory by copying the disc to a distribution point.
  2. Define a target destination collection.
  3. Create the software package and specify the package properties.


  4. Create the programs within the package.
  5. Define advertisements for a program.
  6. Note

To create an address for Courier Sender

  1. From the SMS Administrator console, double-click Site Database, and then click Site Hierarchy.
  2. Expand the site name that contains the addresses, and then expand the Site Settings folder.
  3. Right-click Addresses, click New, and then click Courier Sender Address.
  4. Note

For example, if you want to use Standard Sender to send the VeryLarge package to a site in Texas, but you want to use Courier Sender to send the package to Nevada, you do the following:

  1. Create the VeryLarge software package. Specify that Courier Sender is the preferred sender for this package.
  2. Create a Courier Sender address for the Nevada site, but not for the Texas site.

SMS sends the package to the Texas site by using Standard Sender, but it uses Courier Sender Manager to create a parcel from the package to forward the package to Nevada. You then send the parcel to the Nevada site by courier service. After the parcel is received at the Nevada site, an administrator uses Courier Sender Manager to receive the parcel and place the data into the SMS site in Nevada.

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