Courier Sender Manager Overview

Courier Sender helps you send data from one Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 site to another SMS site at a different location.

For example, at the source site Courier Sender writes data that you select to tape or disc. The tape or disc is then sent to a remote location. The receiving site uses Courier Sender to transfer the data from the medium to their SMS site.

Courier Sender is most useful when you have a large amount of data to send, or when you have low-bandwidth links between the sending site and receiving sites. You send data to another site using parcels created by Courier Sender Manager. A parcel is any collection of files transferred from one site to another using Courier Sender Manager.

Parcels can contain SMS packages, instruction files, send requests, and other types of files. Each parcel also contains a packing list, which is used by Courier Sender Manager at the receiving site to provide feedback to the sending site.

You use Courier Sender Manager to create outgoing parcels, receive incoming parcels, and view and change parcel status information. When you start Courier Sender Manager, it displays a list of the current parcels and a summary of the properties for each parcel. Wizards help you create and receive parcels.

To receive a parcel, you must run Courier Sender Manager at the receiving site and specify the parcels to be received.

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