Using Courier Sender Manager Overview

To send and receive parcels by using Courier Sender Manager:

  1. In the SMS Administrator console, create the package and advertisement, and then specify Courier Sender as the preferred sender for the package.
  2. In Courier Sender Manager, create a parcel that contains the distribution.
  3. Review the parcel properties in the status list. If any properties are incorrect, change the properties now.
  4. Move the parcel to the medium that you will use to send the parcel.
  5. Note

  6. Send the parcel medium to the destination site.
  7. To update the status at the sending site, change the parcel status in Courier Sender Manager to Sent.
  8. At the destination site, perform any necessary media management required to access the parcel, and then receive the parcel.
  9. Continue to monitor the parcel status at the sending site.
  10. When the parcel is confirmed you can delete the parcel.

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