The information in this topic applies only to System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager.

Wi-Fi profiles in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager must be deployed to one or more collections of users before they can be used.

Use the Deploy Wi-Fi Profile dialog box to configure the deployment of Wi-Fi profiles. As part of the configuration, you define the collection to which the Wi-Fi profile is to be deployed and specify how often the Wi-Fi profile is evaluated for compliance.

If you deploy multiple company resource access profiles to the same user, the following behavior occurs:
  • If a conflicting setting contains an optional value, it will not be sent to the device.

  • If a conflicting setting contains a mandatory value, the default value will be sent to the device. If there is no default value, the entire company resource access profile will fail.

You can only deploy Wi-Fi profiles to user collections.When a Wi-Fi profile deployment is removed, the Wi-Fi profile is not removed from client devices. If you want to remove the profile from devices, you must manually remove it.

To deploy a Wi-Fi profile

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