In addition to the general recommendations for testing Management Packs that are described in the Microsoft Operations Manager 2007 Deployment Guide, this section lists piloting tasks that are appropriate for the Configuration Manager 2007 Management Pack. For more information about testing Management Packs, see the Operations Manager 2007 Web page (

Pilot Testing Tasks

  • Verify that the deployment or upgrade process from the previous version for the Configuration Manager 2007 Management Pack completed successfully.

  • Verify and edit custom performance thresholds for your environment using the Authoring mode in the console. Select scope or search for the appropriate rules.

  • Enable performance rules in stages to evaluate the impact that these rules have on Operations Manager 2007 performance.

  • Verify that the Configuration Manager 2007 computer groups are populated with computers running Configuration Manager 2007.

  • After enabling the relevant rules, ensure that the views and reports in Operations Manager 2007 are functioning properly. These include views relating to Configuration Manager 2007 processing rates, processing totals, and Configuration Manager 2007 backlogs.

  • By default, some rules related to other Management Packs are disabled. Depending on what additional Management Packs you have deployed, you should review the disabled rules to identify any rules that you might want to enable in your environment.

  • By default, some performance rules are disabled to minimize the impact on the agent’s CPU, memory, and network resources. These rules can be enabled for more in-depth monitoring of the agent.

  • Verify that Configuration Manager 2007 script error events and alerts are not generated. These typically indicate problems with access permissions for the script.

  • Verify that the sizing of the Operations Manager and SQL Servers are sufficient for your production load.

  • Verify operations processes and personnel requirements.

  • Verify that notifications are working properly.

  • Verify that the permissions that Operations Manager 2007 is using are sufficient to run properly, without being excessive.

  • The Action Account agent can only be run by a LocalSystem account. If the Action Account agent is not being run with LocalSystem privileges, then ensure that the minimum security rights have been met. For more information, see the "Configuring Agent Computers to Run in Low Privilege Scenarios" section in the Deploying the Operations Manager 2007 Agent section in this guide.

  • Verify that the Configuration Manager 2007 Server and Configuration Manager 2007 Client roles appear in the Computer State view. Click a computer that is hosting each of these roles, and check that properties are visible in the details pane.

  • In the Computer State view, click a ConfigMgr Server and a ConfigMgr Client instance and check that their Roles are visible in the details pane.

  • In the Computer State view, double-click a ConfigMgr Server and a ConfigMgr Client instance, and check its properties in the State view details pane.

  • Verify that the Site and Site Hierarchy state views are functioning.

  • Verify that Configuration Manager 2007 Administrator console tasks are working by clicking a task. If the task fails to run, check that the Configuration Manager 2007 Administrator console has been installed and that the logged on user has sufficient permissions to run the console tasks.

  • Verify the Site Hierarchy Diagram. Verify that all site systems are displayed for sites that have the Operations Manager 2007 agent installed locally on their Configuration Manager 2007 Provider. If a site system does not appear, check the Configuration Manager 2007 Administrator console to see if the site system was discovered by the site and appears in the All Systems collection. Also verify that the FQDN has been entered for each server.

After you complete your pilot testing and tuning, export the Default Management Pack or custom Configuration Manager 2007 Management Pack you created to back up the changes that you made.

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