In addition to the tasks that you perform daily and weekly, review data in the following categories on a monthly basis:

Most Common Alerts and Events

  • Most common alerts

  • Most common events

  • Most common alerts and events by computer and class

  • Most common alerts and events by Configuration Manager 2007 component

  • Most common alerts and events by Configuration Manager 2007 server role

Develop an action plan to reduce these numbers.

Configuration Manager 2007 Backlog Monitoring

Look at performance raw reports relating to the backlog trends on various site systems.

Configuration Manager 2007 Backlog Trends

Review performance raw and rate-related reports to ensure that there is not a long-term upward trend in the number of backlogs or an unacceptable level of backlogs affecting service level agreements (SLAs) on a Configuration Manager 2007 site system. Review the following:

  • Discovery data records

  • Hardware inventory

  • Software inventory

  • Software metering

  • Status messages

  • State Messages

General System Performance

Review the Server System Resource Performance report to examine system performance for the following:

  • Disk usage

  • Memory usage

  • Processor usage

Server Role Performance

Review the raw and rate performance reports for each of the following roles:

  • Device Management Point

  • Management Point

  • Site Server

Configuration Manager 2007 Availability

Run the Configuration Manager 2007 availability reports to review the availability of Configuration Manager 2007 servers and Configuration Manager 2007 server roles.

Configuration Manager 2007 Site Hierarchy Monitoring

Review agent installation in the Configuration Manager Site Hierarchy and determine if there is sufficient monitoring coverage for the deployed servers. New Configuration Manager servers may have been deployed that do not yet have a MOM Agent installed on them.

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