In addition to the general recommendations for testing Management Packs that are described in the Microsoft Operations Manager 2007 Deployment Guide, this section lists testing tasks that are appropriate for the Configuration Manager 2007 Management Pack. For more information about testing Management Packs, see the Operations Manager 2007 Web page (

Testing Tasks

  • Verify that the Configuration Manager 2007 computer groups are populated with computers running Configuration Manager 2007.

  • After enabling the relevant rules, ensure that the views and reports in Operations Manager 2007 are functioning properly. These include views relating to Configuration Manager 2007 processing rates and Configuration Manager 2007 backlogs.

  • By default, some rules related to other Management Packs, such as the IIS and SQL Server Management Packs, are disabled in the Configuration Manager 2007 Management Pack. Depending on what additional Management Packs you have deployed, you should review these disabled rules to identify any rules that you might want to enable in your environment.

  • By default, all performance measuring rules are disabled to minimize the impact on the agent’s CPU, memory, and network resources. These rules can be enabled for more in-depth monitoring.

  • Some of the Configuration Manager 2007 scripts that run on a Configuration Manager 2007 Provider computer, a Configuration Manager 2007 Site Server, or access a Configuration Manager 2007 site database do not run in agentless mode. Verify that all computers in the Configuration Manager 2007 Provider and Configuration Manager 2007 Site Database Server computer groups are configured as agent-managed computers. Also, because some of these scripts may proxy events, verify that these agents are configured to enable proxying.

  • To support SQL Clusters, all scripts running against the ConfigMgr Site Database run from the site server. Verify that no error events and alerts are being raised by scripts.

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