HP ProLiant Server OS Deployment for System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Troubleshooting Assistant


HP ProLiant Server OS Deployment for System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Troubleshooting Assistant

HP Part Number: Part Number 577804-003

Published: August 2010 (Third Edition)

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Part Number 577804-003

August 2010 (Third Edition)

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Intended audience

This document is for the person trained in network software administration and who understands concepts like TCP/IP, NTP, NFS, DNS, directory services (such as Active Directory and LDAP), and asynchronous serial communications.

Table of Contents

1. Navigation tips
2. Overview
About this guide
3. Troubleshooting
Installation issues
Custom action does not appear in the menu
Deployment pack does not completely uninstall
Create Server Deployment Task Sequence wizard reports error
Administrator console issues
Enabling UI debug logging
MMC Crash, Exception, or "Property Not Found" errors when loading custom action
Driver issues
File renaming
Modifying a boot image
Drivers import, but fail when updating the WinPE boot image
WinPE and task sequence issues
Task sequence template does not work after generation
WinPE never starts the task sequence
System booted PXE and waiting for PXE server to respond
Target system failed to run the new or updated configuration file
Command Prompt is not available from the HP WinPE boot images
Drivers have been added to the boot image, but are not loading
Servers do not boot using PXE
Default boot order does not enable PXE to boot when a valid drive exists
When using a Reboot action after initializing an array controller, the task sequence fails
Task Sequence fails with Failed to Download Policy
Task sequence does not run again even after clearing the PXE advertisement
Task sequence fails after an upgrade
Log files are not returned from the client
Log files are returned, but not the output files
Task step execution does not change after configuration XML file changed
Task Sequence fails at Apply Operating System with Failed to make volume X:\ bootable
System environment variables are not carried over to next action in the task sequence
Windows Server 2008 setup installer fails when deployed on ProLiant server with SAS drives
General issues
Log files appear to be cut off
Frequently asked questions
4. Technical support
HP contact information