HP ProLiant Server Management Packs for Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager 2007 User Guide

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Product architecture

The HP ProLiant Server Management Packs for Operations Manager 2007 integration is designed to perform the following major functions:

  • Automatically identify, group, and display HP ProLiant servers within the Operations Manager 2007 Console

  • Populate Operations Manager with server attributes and configuration data for HP ProLiant hardware and software components

  • Monitor and display the state of HP ProLiant server hardware and the associated management services

  • Proactively identify, translate, and display HP ProLiant hardware events written to the Windows® Event Log as Operations Manager alerts or the installed version of the HP Insight Management Agents or HP Insight Management WBEM Providers

  • Provide browser-based links to HP management tools for hardware resource management and advanced remote administration from within Operations Manager 2007

The following elements of the HP ProLiant Server Management Packs are copied to the Operations Manager database:

  • Classes and Attributes

  • Discoveries

  • Monitors

  • Rules

  • Tasks

  • Views

HP ProLiant Server Management Packs are a set of unrelated management packs. After the installation of HP ProLiant Server Management Packs, the Operations Manager transfers the primary HP ProLiant management packs to each computer system under the Operations Manager Agent. HP ProLiant Management Packs perform an initial discovery to verify the system is supported ProLiant server. If the discovery succeeds, the appropriate additional management packs are transferred to the HP servers. These management packs then run a detailed discovery process that enables state monitoring and event processing.

After the server is properly discovered, HP ProLiant server information can be seen on the Operations Manager console. HP ProLiant server grouping is performed on the Operations Manager Server. The discovered inventory data and monitored state are reflected on the state and diagram views.

This process does not take place for "agentless" servers under Operations Manager. Agentless servers are monitored by an Operation Management Agent run on Operations Manager Server. This agent performs management pack operation on the target server remotely which causes higher network traffic and process power consumption on Operation Manager Server. HP recommends keeping the number of agentless servers in your Operations Manager environment to a minimum.