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HP BladeSystem Enclosure Monitor Manager

HP BladeSystem Enclosure Monitor Service requires user configuration for the HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator to start monitoring an enclosure. Monitor Manager enables you to configure the required credentials and configuration information.

The Monitor Manager supports the Monitor Service only with the same installation package. If you see any incompatible version issue, update the Monitor Manager and Monitor Service with the same installation package, and then verify that you entered the correct IP address or DNS name.

You can launch Monitor Manager during the last step of the Management Pack installation.

After you install the Management Pack, you can access Monitor Manager from the Actions pane in the Enclosure diagram and Monitor service views. You can also launch Monitor Manager from the Start menu or command line.

The Monitor Manager task only appears in the Monitor Service State view when at least one enclosure is registered.

BladeSystem Enclosure Monitor Manager

Monitor Manager contains the following panes:

The status line, located at the bottom of Monitor Manager, displays the following messages: