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Rack enclosure overheating

NT Provider: Blade Enclosure

NT Event ID: 22006

NT Event Type: Warning

NT Event Message:

Rack Enclosure Overheating.

This trap signifies that an enclosure temperature sensor has been tripped indicating a possible overheat condition.

User Action: Shutdown the enclosure and possibly the rack as soon as possible. Insure all fans are working properly and that air flow in the rack has not been blocked.

Source IP Address: '%1';

Source Name: '%2';

Rack Name: '%4';

Rack Unique ID: '%5';

Enclosure Name '%6';

Enclosure Serial Number '%7';

Sensor Location '%8';

Enclosure Spare Part Number '%9';

Trap Sequence Number '%10'


<a href="https://%1/">Onboard Administrator Web Console</a>