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Researching state monitoring

HP BladeSystem Enclosures are monitored in two ways after initially importing the HP BladeSystem Management Pack:

The discovery and state monitoring displays the current state of the HP BladeSystem enclosures. The event monitoring displays historical alerts from the time that monitoring begins. After you initially configure enclosure monitoring, only discovery and state monitoring display current issues. Resolve all current issues on each enclosure to use event monitoring. Use the HP Onboard Administrator Web console to diagnose any active issues.

The discovery and state monitoring provides the latest HP BladeSystem inventory and state results to the Operations Manager console. This monitoring displays a near real-time state of the HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosure, and provides the state down to HP Health Component level. HP Health Components present detailed component level information. However, they do not display diagnostic level information for each component. To get the diagnostic information, launch the HP Onboard Administrator Web console task.

Event monitoring provides the best possible information for failed descriptions and failed components. If event monitoring generates an alert on the Operations Manager console, you must resolve the issue immediately. Events are generated only once. If a state change was observed, look at the Active Alerts view to find detailed information about the issue.