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Operations Manager 2007 does not alert HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosures

SNMP Settings on the HP Onboard Administrator Web console must be set up to enable SNMP Trap-based Alerts.

To view and update the SNMP Settings:

  1. Click Enclosure Information>Enclosure Settings>SNMP Settings.
  2. Verify that the IP address of the system, (where the HP BladeSystem Monitor Service is running) is registered with a community string.

On OA firmware version 2.10 or later, test SNMP trap can be generated from the same SNMP Settings screen. Click Send Test Alerts. If the Management Pack is functioning properly, a test SNMP trap posts in the HP BladeSystem Log (in the NT Event log), and an alert generates on Operations Manager console.

To test the SNMP trap connectivity on OA firmware older than version 2.10:

  1. Update the enclosure name
  2. Verify that the HP BladeSystem log (in the NT Event Log) contains an event entry that displays the enclosure name update.
  3. If the HP BladeSystem log contains an event entry, but an alert does not appear on the Operations Manager console, verify that the HP BladeSystem Enclosure Monitor Service class instance is discovered and appears on the Monitor Service State view.