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Importing the Management Packs

  1. Open the MOM Administrator Console.
  2. Click Console Root>Microsoft Operations Manager>Management Packs.
  3. Click Import/Export Management Packs.

    Import/Export Management Packs link

  4. Click Next.

    Management Pack Import/Export Wizard welcome screen

  5. Select Import Management Packs and/or reports, and then click Next.

    Import Management Packs and/or reports option screen

  6. If the management pack does not download to the default directory, click Browse to locate the directory.
  7. Select Import Management Packs only, and then click Next.

    Folder and Import Type selection screen

    If you select Import Management Packs and reports, you are prompted to select reports to import.

  8. Select the management packs to import, and then select one of the following Import Options:
  9. Review your selections, and click Finish to import the management packs.

    Management Pack Import/Export Wizard completion screen

  10. Click Close.

    NOTE: If you experience problems importing the HP Management Packs 1.3 for MOM 2005, select the Create Log File option to capture the output for further analysis.

    Import Status screen

A successful installation adds the following HP elements to the existing MOM 2005 environment: