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Discovery tasks

The HP ProLiant Management Pack 1.3 for MOM 2005 includes a task to manually discover and classify HP ProLiant servers. By default, computer discovery within MOM 2005 runs automatically on a predefined schedule. The HP Discovery task can be launched to manually identify and populate data for an individual server into its appropriate computer group outside of the regular MOM 2005 discovery schedule.

To launch the Discovery task:

  1. Open the MOM Operator Console.
  2. Select Public View.
  3. Select a computer from the Computers view under the HP ProLiant Servers folder.
  4. Click the Tasks button on the menu bar to display the Tasks pane.
  5. Expand the HP ProLiant Servers folder.
  6. Select Discovery to expand the contents, and then select Service Discovery. The Launch Task Wizard opens.
  7. Click Next.

    Discovery task—Launch Task Wizard welcome

  8. Verify that the computer listed in the Targets pane is the correct server, and click Next.

    Discovery task—Task targets

  9. Click Finish.

    Discovery task—Completing the Launch Task Wizard