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HP Management Processor task

HP Integrity servers might include a Management Processor, which enables you to perform advanced, secure, and operating system-independent remote server management using a standard browser interface, irrespective of system state. The HP Integrity Management Pack 1.2 for MOM 2005 includes a task that collects HP Management Processor data and creates an associated browser link to remotely access the selected HP Integrity server.

NOTE: The HP Management Processor task is only available in the HP Integrity Management Pack 1.2 for MOM 2005. The HP Lights-Out Management Processor task in the HP ProLiant Management Pack 1.3 for MOM 2005 displays similar information for HP ProLiant servers (see "HP Lights-Out Management Processor task").

To launch the HP Management Processor task:

  1. Open the MOM Operator Console.
  2. Select Public View.
  3. Select a computer from the Computers view under the HP Integrity Servers folder.
  4. Click the Tasks button on the menu bar to display the Tasks pane.
  5. Expand the HP Integrity Servers folder.
  6. Select HP Management Processor. The Launch Task Wizard opens.
  7. Click Next.

    HP Management Processor task—Launch Task Wizard welcome

  8. Click Next when prompted to edit the command line task parameters. The default command line entry does not require editing.

    HP Management Processor task—Command line task parameters

  9. Verify that the computer listed in the Targets pane is the correct server, and click Next.

    HP Management Processor task—Task targets

  10. Click Finish.

    HP Management Processor task—Completing the Launch Task Wizard

  11. Select Task Status under the HP Integrity Servers folder from Public Views.
  12. Locate and select the task launched.
  13. Click the Properties tab of the Event Details pane.
  14. Click the link to open a browser interface to the HP Management Processor on the associated Integrity server.

    HP Management Processor task—Event Details