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Adjusting the Service Discovery script interval

By default, timed event processing of the HP ProLiant Servers Service Discovery and HP Integrity Servers Service Discovery events refresh the data in the public view folders every 15 minutes. To modify the time interval:

  1. Open the MOM Administrator Console.
  2. Click Console Root>Microsoft Operations Manager>Management Packs>Rule Groups>HP ProLiant Servers or HP Integrity Servers>HP Insight Management Agents>State Monitoring and Service Discovery>Event Rules.

    Selecting the Event Rules folder

  3. Right-click HP ProLiant Servers Service Discovery or HP Integrity Servers Service Discovery, and select Properties.
  4. Click the Data Provider tab.
  5. Select one of the predefined intervals from the Provider name dropdown list, or select New to create a custom interval. The default interval is 15 minutes.

    Adjusting the Service Discovery time interval

  6. Click OK.
  7. Right-click the folder Console Root>Microsoft Operations Manager>Management Packs, and select Commit Configuration Change.

    Commit Configuration Change option