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Post-installation procedures

Following a successful installation of the HP Management Packs 1.3 for MOM 2005, complete the following steps to discover and monitor HP servers. These steps are standard MOM configuration procedures and are provided here for additional reference.

NOTE: After the post-installation procedures have been correctly applied to the target servers, the HP computer groups and public views automatically populate with discovered HP servers and associated alert data.

  1. In the MOM Administrator Console, click Administration>Computers, and configure the HP servers to be managed. This step might include the installation of MOM Agents by the Install/Uninstall Agent Wizard.

    Install/Uninstall Agent Wizard

  2. In the MOM Administrator Console, click Administration>Computers>Agent-managed Computers.
  3. To run Attribute Discovery now, right-click on the HP server or servers to be managed and click Run Attribute Discovery Now. The default Attribute Discovery setting for automated discovery is every 60 minutes.

    Run Attribute Discovery Now option