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Product architecture

The HP Management Packs 1.3 for MOM 2005 integration is designed to perform the following major functions:

The following figure identifies the main elements of MOM 2005 and the components installed by the HP Management Packs 1.3 for MOM 2005.

Architecture overview

All elements of the HP Management Packs are copied to the MOM database. The following elements are included:

If an HP ProLiant or Integrity server is running HP Insight Management Agents, the discovery rules provided with the management pack assign the server to the appropriate HP group within MOM 2005.

After the server is properly discovered, the relevant HP providers, event processing rules, state processing rules, and scripts are also copied to the server if the server is classified as "Managed" under MOM 2005. Managed servers have a local MOM Agent and Insight Management Agents installed. Each managed server uses these rules and scripts to perform local event management and filtering before escalation to the MOM Operator Console.

This process does not take place for "agentless" servers under MOM 2005. Agentless servers do not have a local MOM agent installed on managed systems. HP recommends keeping the minimum number of agentless servers in your MOM environment.

NOTE: See "Installation" for information on the components and functionality provided by the HP Management Packs 1.3 for MOM 2005.