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HP delivers new management packs that complement and extend MOM 2005, integrating alert processing, state monitoring, and hardware resource lifecycle management for HP ProLiant and Integrity servers.

Designed specifically for MOM 2005, the HP Management Packs 1.3 for MOM 2005 provide predefined policies, event processing rules, and tasks, which enable administrators to proactively streamline IT operations and ensure increased systems availability by monitoring Microsoft® Windows® environments and HP server hardware platforms through a common MOM console.

The HP Management Packs 1.3 for MOM 2005 automatically discover and group HP ProLiant and Integrity servers by hardware platform type. Default policies highlight the state of HP hardware and management software components and present a comprehensive collection of server attributes that provides a consolidated view of system status and configuration data. Predefined event processing rules build on the functionality of the HP Insight Management Agents to display Windows® Event Log entries for HP server hardware as alerts in the MOM 2005 Operator Console, including real-time and prefailure event definitions.

For advanced hardware lifecycle management and remote administration of HP ProLiant and Integrity servers, the HP Management Packs 1.3 for MOM 2005 include tasks that launch HP Systems Insight Manager for group systems administration, the HP System Management Homepage for single system health and configuration monitoring, and advanced remote server administration through the HP Lights-Out Management Processor.

MOM 2005 Operator Console